Ginger-Garlic Fried Fish

Sometimes I just go crazy after fishes! Specially the fishes without much bones in it drive me crazy. They are so easy to cook and so easy to eat! And of course, they are so tasty!! I found some fresh... Read More

Pan Seared Fish in Apple Syrup

Hello Friends! It feels smoky to post again after more than a year! Wish you all a very happy and delicious 2020! I just wanted to start the year with something creative and tasty. So, I chose to cook... Read More

Tava-Seared Butter Fish

Tava is a flat and wide surface cooking pan usually used to cook many of the Indian delicacies. The nearest similar cooking pan that is camparable with tava is griddle. Usually tava is large in size w... Read More

Jumbo Prawns with Assorted Vegetables

I had some medium jumbo prawns in my kitchen last weekend and as usual I could not resist myself from cooking it. The dish I cooked is nothing new in fact, but I twisted the ingredients to some extent... Read More