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Marble Tea Egg

Sometimes it just feels cool to re-invent the wheel. Just to cook a recipe without any improvisation, just as is has been always is sometimes a pleasure. Marble Tea Egg is nothing new a recipe. Given that many people have already made this thousand times in their kitchen and of course with variations as per […]


Cheese Cubes in Barbecue Sauce

Just a dash of garlic, Barbecue sauce, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper and green bell peppers in the hot wok. The pre-fried cheese cubes (typically called Paneer in India) with some seasoning creates this mesmerizing delicacy. Goes pretty well with any Indian bread or mild-flavored Chinese fried rice or steamed rice.


Honey Chicken

The Spring has arrived this year in India like a helpless punctual student who has no way but only to follow the schedules. More we approach the summer more we shift towards consuming lesser spicy dishes to keep the stomach steady. This weekend it was just the indication of the upcoming heat wave but still […]


Stir-fried Chicken Wings – A take with Oyster Sauce

Chicken wings especially with skin on is one of the famous and popular delicacy as we all know across the world. Probably the reason of its popularity is the wide variety of recipes those can be cooked with it. These varieties originate from far east to extreme west each recipe having its own fabulous flavours to mesmerize the foodies. Probably we all know that this list is endless and the great hearts who love to experiment with recipes frequently come up with something new every day or after. No exception with me when I got a pack of fresh wings few weeks back. I couldn’t resist myself to take the risk of experimenting with it but my attempt succeeded and something very very delicious came out from my wok that I couldn’t think of depriving my reader foodies from it. Here is the small gift from my kitchen. Stay safe, cook it and… cook it all!

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COVID-19, Food & Chinese Food – Truth, Fear & Myth

Hello friends! Being a foodie and especially being an admirer of Chinese and Oriental cuisine, the last few months of this year has been extremely suffocating, demotivating and panicking for me. I know I don’t need to explain the reason behind it. So much has been talked about, so much has been written about and […]


Ginger-Garlic Fried Fish

Sometimes I just go crazy after fishes! Specially the fishes without much bones in it drive me crazy. They are so easy to cook and so easy to eat! And of course, they are so tasty!! I found some fresh barramundi in market and got tempted to cook this variant. The name is very common but not the recipe. It’s unique and easy with a catchy flavour that you would always remember.