Black pepper tossed Hot Bean Chicken

Serves 4

Chicken (boneless small pieces from leg) – 750 gm

For marinade
Corn flour – 1.5 tbsp
Baking powder – 0.5 tsp
Egg white – 2
Chinese rice wine – 1.5 tsp

Garlic (medium cube cut) – 4 tbsp
Onion (petal cut) – 2 cups
Non-hot flavored big fat red chillies (diagonally chopped) – 4-5
Black pepper (crushed) – 1 tbsp
Hot bean sauce – 1.5 tbsp
Dark soy sauce – 1 tbsp
Tomato sauce – 2 tbsp
White vinegar – 1 tbsp
Chinese rice wine – 1 tbsp
Vegetable oil – 1 cup
Corn flour – 1 tbsp
Everyday chicken stock – 0.5 cup
Salt and custard sugar – to taste

1. Drain water from chicken and soak to dry with paper towel.
2. Mix all the marinade ingredients with the chicken and keep in refrigerator for around 10-15 minutes. Mix 1 tbsp of corn flour with the stock and keep aside.
3. Heat the wok and add all the oil to it.
4. Once the oil is hot, add the chicken pieces and deep fry until yellow-whitish in color. Stir time to time so that it does not stick to the wok surface. Remove the chicken pieces from oil to a dry pan.
5. Remove the oil from wok. Remove small fried parts of chicken from the wok and add 3 tbsp of oil taking from the removed oil back to the wok. Keep wok at high heat and tilt the wok so that the oil spreads all over the inner surface.
6. Add the onion and quickly stir fry.
7. Add garlic and stir fry.
8. Add black pepper, salt and sugar. Stir fry until aroma comes out.
9. Add hot bean sauce, tomato sauce, dark soy sauce and vinegar. Stir fry.
10. Add the chicken to wok. Also add the oil accumulated in the pan where the chicken was kept. Stir well so that the sauce coats the chicken pieces evenly.
11. Add the chinese rice wine and mix well.
12. Add the fat red chillies and stock mixed with corn flour. Mix well.
13. Taste and adjust salt and sugar if required.
14. Dish out and serve hot immediately.

Note: All the quantities of the ingredients mentioned here are relative and tentative. It may vary based on preferences of individuals in some cases.


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