Back after a break

Thanks a lot to you all for liking my page and my recipes. It is really pleasant to see you all going through my recipes with utmost interest and thirst for creative and authentic cooking.
I have not been posting here since last few months as I got extremely busy with my professional commitments. Well, now also I am, but you know, how can I stay away from cooking so long? So I am back and with an experimental change in the way I deliver my recipes. As you know, I have been posting recipes in a rigid and authentic way so far. Let us have some fresh air. Now onward, I would share my recipes differently, in more casual way, in shorter form and with lesser details, assuming you all understand the very obvious parts of cooking and I do not need to elaborate that much. I believe this mode of sharing recipes will be more attractive to you all. However, if this idea fails, if this mode is not comfortable for you to understand the recipes, feel free to let me know so that I can improve it.

Thanks. Enjoy cooking.

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