Crispy Hot Garlic Chicken legs

This is not an uncommon one, rather much known for its spicy flavor. This actually can have too many variants. Here comes one of my takes on this. This is a quick one.
Take 4 standard sized chicken legs and in a bowl mix with tomato sauce, apple cider vinegar, egg white, cornflour and pinches of baking powder. Keep in refrigerator for some time. Heat oil in a wok and shallow fry the chicken legs and keep aside. In the remaining oil, add thinly chopped garlic and fry until brownish. Add hot garlic paste, a pinch of crushed white pepper and very little chili oil and stir fry. Taste and if it is too pungent, add tomato sauce to adjust. Adjust seasoning by adding sugar and add the chicken legs back to wok. Add chopped spring onion and optionally chopped red chili and mix all well. Serve hot garnishing with more spring onion. Good quick bite for those who love it really hot and spicy.


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