Steamed Prawn in Coconut Cream

Why not try this easy and tasty Bengali recipe from my kitchen? I am sure you will love it.
Take four higher medium sized prawns with heads and tails on. Clean and keep aside. In a steaming bowl, add 1 medium sized onion pasted, 0.5 tsp of ginger paste, almost 1 tsp of garlic paste, a pinch of Indian garam masala powder, slightly more than 0.5 cup of coconut milk (best if you can squeeze freshly grated coconut; or else you can go for canned ones available in market), 0.5 cup of milk, almost 0.5 cup of fresh cream, almost 1 tsp of mustard oil, salt and sugar. Then mix all these well. Once mixed, add the prawns to the mixture. Take a pinch of red chili powder and spread it over evenly. Take four long green chilies slit and put on each of the prawns. Steam it. Once done, garnish with whole green chili and serve immediately with hot steamed rice.


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