Steamed Prawn with Sweet Garlic Topping

This is a unique one straight from my kitchen. A must try specially if you are fond of prawns.
Take the prawns with head and tail on and put in a steamer to steam until cooked. It should not take more than a couple of minutes. Take a serving plate and put the steamed prawns on it side by side. Heat up olive oil in wok and add a lot of chopped garlic to it and fry until aromatic. Add a good amount of sweet chili sauce, same amount of tomato sauce, a little quick stir fry sauce, sherry vinegar and shaoxing wine. Keep on quick stir and add some lemongrass. Remove from heat after a stir and with a spoon add this topping to each of the prawns one by one. Note, you should not need to add any separate seasoning. Garnish with lemongrass and serve with steamed rice.


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