Pan Fried Tangy Chicken

Pan frying is a quite common way of cooking in Asia. The basic idea is to fry the food with minimal oil and with low heat so that the inner part of the food gets enough time to be cooked but the outer part is also not burnt. Well, theories apart, I love pan frying and do it sometimes to stimulate my taste buds instantly. Few days back, I got some chicken leg meat and tried with a way of pan frying chicken. It was nice and took just 10 minutes to cook apart from the marinate time. Here is the recipe of the same. You would love it!

Take 400 gm of boneless chicken leg meat, mix with egg white, small amount of ginger juice, crushed white pepper, small amount of baking powder, cornflour and seasoning. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Meanwhile cut the vegetables and keep ready. Now slightly heat vegetable oil in wok and pan fry the chicken pieces. Keep them aside and soak with towel if required to remove the extra oil. Again heat the fresh wok and heat up 2 tsp of chilli oil. Add 1.5 tsp of chopped ginger and same amount of garlic into it and satué. Then add 3.5 tbsp of chilli bean paste and half cup of cube cut peices of red bell pepper. Stir fry quickly. Then add 3.5 tbsp of hoisin sauce and mix well. Taste and adjust salt, sugar and crushed white pepper quickly (crushed black pepper can also be added additionally). At last, add the chicken pieces and toss it so that the sauce coats all the pieces. Remove from heat and serve hot immediately garnishing with fresh chopped spring onion. Goes well with evening tea.

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