Chicken in Red Wine with Tomato

A very quick dish. Take chicken leg meat cut into boneless cubes weighing 250 gm into hot sunflower oil and shallow fry. Keep aside when completely fried and add few chopped green chilies and a cup of onion petals into the wok. Quick stir fry and add half tsp of crushed black pepper and a whole tomato silted at 3/4 places from the side. Again stir fry until tomato becomes soft. Now add 3 cups of red wine into the wok followed by sugar and salt. Keep on high heat and let it boil. Once started boiling from sides, add the fried chicken in it followed by half tsp of ginger juice extracted by crushing it. Spread a pinch of chili flakes and let boil for couple of minutes and keep on stirring. Add few green bell pepper cubes, stir and adjust seasoning as required. After another couple of minutes on high heat, dish out immediately with steamed rice or any light flavored fried rice.

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