Fried chicken, stir fried broccoli and bok choy with oyster-soy flavor

Those tempting fresh green veggies always have enough potential to change my daily routine! Yesterday I casually visited a nearby super market and saw fresh broccolis and bok choy out there. Instantly made a plan to cook something different for today’s lunch. After getting around 600 gm of diced boneless chicken leg meat I started thinking about something that I never did before. When I completed it, both cooking and eating out, I felt like sharing the recipe with you all. Hope you will like it.
Clean the chicken pieces and in a bowl mix 3 tbsp of vegetable oil, an egg, 2 tbsp of corn flour and 2 tbsp of hoisin sauce. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Meanwhile work on other things. Take 15 garlic cloves peeled and each semi smashed, 4 or 5 thin round shaped ginger slices, 3 tbsp of semi crushed black pepper and keep ready aside. Clean 5 or 6 bok choy leaves keeping the base part as much as possible, cut broccoli into small pieces and clean 10 or 15 such pieces. Drain water and keep ready aside. Take 2 tbsp of oyster sauce, 1 tbsp of dark soy sauce, 1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar, 3 tbsp of corn flower, 1 tbsp of sugar, small amount of salt and enough water to make a liquid mixture in a bowl. Now take good amount of vegetable oil in wok and deep fry the chicken pieces to medium dark brown. Keep the fried chicken pieces in the serving bowl. Remove the excess oil and to the remaining small amount of oil add the garlic cloves, ginger slices and black pepper together and stir fry on high heat. After a while add the bok choy and broccoli to the wok and continue to stir fry. If needed add bit more oil. Add 1 tsp of sherry vinegar and stir fry again. After the veggies shrink in size to some extent, add the liquid sauce mixture to the wok and reduce the heat. Let it be in low heat covered with a lid for 5 minutes or so. Then taste the broth with a spoon and adjust seasoning as required. If the broth is too thin you can adjust it by adding small amount of corn flour and stirring well to mix it. After the seasoning is good to go, increase it back to high heat and let the broth thicken to some extent. Note that while adjusting the corn flour you need to keep in mind that it is going to thicken bit more after heat is increased. After the broth is optimally thick, remove it from heat and pour it over the chicken pieces in the serving bowl along with the veggies in it. Dish out immediately and serve hot with steamed or fried rice.

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