Double Fried Fish in Butter & Barbecue Sauce

Last weekend I had some leftover broccoli and I was in a hurry to quickly cook something for lunch. I wanted to have something very quick and tasty with not much ingredients involved and ultimately I landed up with this recipe. It turned out to be extremely tempting and you would definitely enjoy it if you try of your own at home. I used a tail of Barramundi but you can use Basa or any other fish preferably cut into boneless fillet.

Take the raw fish and put small amount of salt on it and spread all over its surface. Heat up oil (preferably Olive oil, but refined sunflower oil will also work) in wok and sallow fry the fish. Remove the fish from wok, soak the old from it and keep aside. Now take 2 tbsp of fresh oil, 2 tbsp of butter in the wok and once hot add 2-3 pieces of broccoli followed by 1 tsp of crushed black pepper and stir fry until the broccoli is semi-cooked. Now add 1 tbsp of barbecue sauce followed by the fish into the wok. Shallow fry the fish again and while doing it make sure the sauce and the black pepper are coated both sides of the fish. Once the fish is brown, remove it from the wok along with the broccoli and put on the serving dish. Garnish with a small cube of butter on top of the fish and a small amount of barbecue sauce. Serve hot immediately with buttered steamed rice.



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