Steam-Fry Fusion – Chicken, Bell pepper, Hot garlic sauce

This is an innovative experiement turned out to be a pleasant surprise at my kitchen! We all are aware of stir frying and steaming in usual oriental cooking and there are lots of variants of course. But I suddenly thought of doing something new by combining these two into a single recipe. I started with low expectation however when it finished, it was an excellent dish that I had never tasted before and I am sure many of you also have not! Not something bad It is quick and simple.

Take 200 gm of chicken boneless leg meat cut into cubes in a bowl. It would have 6 to 7 pieces tentatively. Add pinch of salt and mix. Then steam the chicken until cooked completely. Note – it should be cooked completely as you are going to directly dish it out without any further cooking. Keep the steamed chicken aside. Take a big green bell pepper and cut into square pieces big enough to hold one piece of chicken on each. Heat up 3 tbsp of refined oil in a wok. Add 1 tbsp of chopped garlic, one star anise followed by 0.5 tsp of chopped ginger and stir fry quickly. Then add 3 tsp of hot garlic sauce and stir fry until the red oil separates out. Now add 0.5 tsp of dark soy sauce followed by 1 tsp of tomato sauce and the bell peppers into the wok. Quickly stir fry and adjust the seasoning by adding sugar to taste. Remove from heat. Take out the bell peppers from the wok. On the serving plate, put the bell peppers side by side and the concave side facing upwards. Now put the chicken pieces each on one bell pepper piece. Then take the sauce from the wok with a spoon and put as topping on each of the chicken pieces. Garnish with star anise and serve as starter. One unit of chicken, bell pepper and hot garlic sauce topping should be consumed at one shot together.

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