Lettuce Wrapped Steamed Prawn with Cherry & Soy-Balsamic Dip

Sometimes I feel like as far as steaming is concerned, probably prawn is the best to surprise the diner. Last weekend, after a long gap, I thought of making a steamed dish with some typical twist that I always do in my kitchen. The taste might be felt bit unusual to typical curry-lovers but I liked the surprise hidden in it. So, don’t feel shy to try this out! Improvisations appreciated!

Take around 10 to 12 medium sized prawns. Clean them keeping the head and tail intact. Take half a cup of honey. Dip the prawns into the honey one by one and then wrap each of them with appropriate portion of lettuce leaves. The leaf can be cut as per the required size. Tie the wraps with a clean cotton thread. Steam the wrapped prawns in a steamer until prawns are cooked. Remove the steamer from heat, take out the wraps and set aside to cool down.

In a sauce pan, take 0.75 cup of dark soy sauce, 0.25 cup of balsamic vinegar, 2 tbsp of brown sugar, 0.5 tsp of garlic paste and 0.5 tsp of ginger paste. Mix together with a teaspoon and heat up to start of boiling. Keep on stirring with the spoon for a couple of minutes and then remove from heat. Let this mixture cool down.

In a serving plate, put the wraps, around 10 cherries and garnish with lettuce leaves, kiwi syrup and shredded cheese. Take the dipping sauce mixture in a small bowl and put beside the serving plate. Serve cold.

The best way to get the surprise would be to open the cotton thread from the wrap, dip the wrap into the dipping sauce, put the whole wrap in your mouth and have a bite of a cherry with a touch of the kiwi syrup at the same time. You can remove the head and tail of the prawn optionally. Enjoy!


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