Steamed Chicken with Roasted Black Pepper & Garlic

Start of the week; busy day. Mondays are always like that. Today, I had a few pieces of chicken to cook the lunch. I was getting ready for work and I had not more than 15 minutes to get the dish ready. I tried something that I never did before and yes, it was surprisingly awesome! Probably this is one of the best innovative dishes that you have seen at WoK ToSsEd PaSsIoN. Try this on a day when you want a really quick meal cooked with minimal effort.

Take 5-6 boned pieces of chicken preferably with skin on. Steam the chicken until cooked. Set the chicken aside. Heat up a wok without oil until its becomes dry. Add 1 tbsp of whole black pepper into the wok and stir to roast. After a couple of minutes, take a pestle and gently press on some of the black peppers in the wok to crack them partially. Then dry roast another round. Now add a few drops of extra virgin olive oil followed by 1 tbsp of minced garlic and 1 tsp of garlic paste into the wok. Stir to roast until the garlic turns slightly brown and aroma comes out. Remove the wok from heat.

Take a serving plate and put the chicken pieces on it. Take the roasted black pepper with garlic from the wok using a spoon and put on one side of the chicken. Put some of the garlic and black pepper on the chicken pieces also. Take 2 tbsp of dark soy sauce and pour over the chicken pieces and the garic and black pepper on the plate. Take 2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil and pour over similarly. Sprinkle pinches of chilli flakes across the plate and serve hot. Bite the chicken and have a small portion of the roasted black pepper and garlic combined with the dark soy sauce and olive oil to feel the magic.



  1. Satyaki this is a very innovative dish . I tried it myself and it was delicious. I improvised it a bit by using butter instead of oil, ginger paste instead of garlic paste and along with the garlic cloves I fried dried red chlli and onions. Lastly I used peri peri sauce because I ran out of soya sauce and light fried the steamed chicken all together.

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