Chicken with Roasted Fennel Seeds

Probably you become more innovative when you have lesser number of resources available with you. Something similar happened with me this week. There was nothing cooked for dinner. My kitchen was running out of Sriracha chilli sauce, oyster sauce and green vegetables like spring onion, broccoli, capsicum etc.. and even the box of cornflour was empty! I had only few pieces of chicken in my refrigerator. I had to cook very fast as it was too late in night. So I had to think something new, very new… that didn’t really care about the resources that I didn’t have with me! Well, what I cooked ultimately was an exceptional surprise to my taste buds that I would like to experience again and again… … and… again! Here you go with the recipe. Don’t miss it!

Take around 150 gm of boneless chicken leg meat and cut into small shredded pieces. Clean and set aside to drain out the water. Heat up a flat bottom non-stick frying pan, take 1 tsp of fennel seeds in it and roast until it turns slightly darker in color and mild aroma comes out. Remove the fennel seeds from the pan and crush the seeds to make it a thin grained powder and keep aside. Now in the frying pan, pour small amount of extra virgin olive oil and tilt the pan all around so that the oil spreads across and covers the flat base completely. You can take help of the spatula to do it. Heat it up max for 30 seconds and add the chicken in it. Stir less and gently in intervals of around 20-25 seconds until the chicken is cooked completely. Now add 1 tsp of garlic paste and stir fry together with the chicken for a minute. Add 1 tsp of red wine to the pan and again stir fry until it evaporates. Now add 3 green chillis finely chopped followed by the roasted fennel seed powder and 1 tsp of black pepper powder. Stir to mix everything well. Add small amount of extra virgin olive oil once again to avoid too much burnt effect. Stir quickly once and add salt and sugar to taste. The sugar should be slightly on higher side. Finish with around 1.5 tsp of fresh lime juice. Stir once and dish out hot immediately. Goes good as a standalone starter or an accompaniment with light breads.



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