Baked Vanilla Flan with Chocolate Sauce

Flans are mostly made using caramel. However, I make it slightly improvised by using chocolate sauce instead of caramel and I love it. Last week, I managed to secure a microwave oven supporting convection cooking. In eagerness to try out the new feature, I decided to make my favourite flan using microwave. It turned out to be perfect. A must try for all chocolate lovers.

Pour 500 ml of hot milk in a bowl. Crack 3 eggs in it. Pour 1 tsp of vanilla essence and 0.75 cup of sugar. Stir it well and then strain it in a microwave safe bowl. Let the mixture cool. Now create a water bath by pouring hot water in a microwave-safe tray. Keep the bowl containing the mixture within the water laden tray. The water level should be half the depth of the bowl. Bake it in convection at a temperature of 190°C for 40 minutes. To check the baking, dip a toothpick or a fork to see if it comes out clean. If yes, the pudding is halfway done. Once the pudding cools down, refrigerate it overnight. In the morning, the pudding will be sticking to the walls of the bowl. Carefully use a knife to separate it. Once done, toss it over on a plate. Spread powdered chocolate over the top and pour chocolate sauce along the sides. Serve immediately.

[Recipe by Aditi Bose through Collab]



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