Star Fried Rice

The way the proteins and carbohydrates are combined in a meal varies across countries. Typically, in a Chinese meal, protein delicacies are served as a main with a small amount of carb as sides. But on contrary, in India, people usually consume the carb as main with some amount of protein as sides. Also, in usual Chinese cuisine, fried rice or noodles are consumed not as sides but as mains without any need of any other protein as side. On contrary, in India, fried rice or noodles are mostly consumed with proteins as sides. Now there is a catch. Many a times I see, people end up combining proteins and carbs wrongly without understanding the flavors when it comes to Chinese in India. Fried rice or noodles with bold and rich flavor usually does not go well with sides, specially with sides with mild flavor. The mild flavor gets supressed by the bold one. That is why in typical Chinese, steamed rice is served as carb with most of the proteins. But Indians rarely prefer steamed rice when they go for Chinese meal; they either prefer fried rice or noodles. The question that came in my mind is – How to cook a fried rice that inspite of being a typical fried rice, needs a protein as its main? Definitely it has to be a fried rice with a mild flavor but with some signature fragrance that makes it different from steamed rice! A very easy one to cook and easy one to have with almost any protein as main!

Take 500 gm long grained rice, clean it and boil it until just cooked. Drain out the water and set aside to dry. Heat up 3 tbsp of refined oil in wok and add 6-7 whole star anise. Stir fry until aroma comes out. Then add a cup of julienne cut chicken and a cup of cleaned shrimp or small prawns to the wok. Stir fry until cooked. Now add the boiled rice to the wok and stir fry. Add pinches of crushed black pepper and 1 tbsp of chilli flakes. Adjust seasoning and stir fry to mix all the ingredients uniformly. Dish out and serve hot immediately accompanied by any protein dish.


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