Tava-Seared Butter Fish

Tava is a flat and wide surface cooking pan usually used to cook many of the Indian delicacies. The nearest similar cooking pan that is camparable with tava is griddle. Usually tava is large in size with wide radius but the ones used for home-cooking are smaller. This recipe can be cooked using both tava as well as griddle. Barramundi is always the best fish to experiment with. It is costly indeed but that worths its flavor. I had small amount of Barramundi in stock and on a regular day, instead of going for a typical Indian curry, I did something special. Fish in lemon butter sauce is a very common dish but I took out the concept of using butter and lime juice together out of it and innovated the rest of the story! It was awsome and hence I am going to share it with you all. This is a quite easy and quick recipe to cook and can be tried even when you are in hurry.

Take 4 pieces of barramundi or sea bass each weighing 50 gm. Better would be boneless thick and square fillet pieces but boned pieces are also fine. But the pieces should be with skin. Clean the pieces and keep dried. Heat up a tava and cover it with around 3 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil. Tilt the tava so that the oil covers the surface as evenly as possible. With a tong, place the fishes on the tava. The fish would start getting seared with sizzling sound. After few seconds, flip the pieces to the other side using the tong. Now add 7-8 fresh green chillis slitted lengthwise and 3-4 garlic cloves to the tava. Move the chillis and garlic in the tava with the tong. Do the same with the fish also. This will ensure those are getting cooked evenly and the the flavor is mixed well. Now add 1.5 tbsp of salted butter to the tava followed by 3-4 fresh basil leaves. Keep on gently moving everything on the tava with the tong. Now add 1 tsp of pasted fresh coriander leaves followed by 1 tsp of fresh lime juice. Again move everything on the tava gently. Now add salt and sugar and flip the fish pieces once more after mixing gently. The mixing with tong is very delicate here as fish becomes very tender and fragile soon after putting those on the tava. Keep it on the tava for few more seconds and the food is ready. Dish out and serve hot immediately with steamed rice.


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