Pan Seared Fish in Apple Syrup

Hello Friends! It feels smoky to post again after more than a year! Wish you all a very happy and delicious 2020!

I just wanted to start the year with something creative and tasty. So, I chose to cook my favourite Barramundi in a slightly fruity style. Interesting? Let me elaborate.

Keep the fish ready

Take a big piece of the fish (Barramundi or any other similar sea fish) or a fillet (with the skin on). Make small cuts on both sides of the piece and rub salt on it before keeping aside.

Prepare the Apple Syrup

Take an apple and cut into two halves. Take one half and cut one wedge out of it. Peel the remaining apple and cut into smaller chunks. Smash the chunks with a mortar and pestle before transferring it to a sauce pan. Add a cup of water and heat up on medium flame. Keep stirring until it becomes liquid and then add a teaspoon of sugar. Stir more to mix the sugar and then remove from heat. Take a cup and pour the liquid in it filtering out the semi-solid residuals. The syrup is ready in the cup; keep it aside.

Cook and Serve

Take a flat frying pan and heat up sunflower/extra virgin olive oil enough in amount to deep fry two potato wedges. Fry the potato wedges and keep aside.

Turn of the heat and remove the extra oil from the pan and keep about a tablespoon of it in the pan. Spread the oil as uniformly as possible on the surface of the pan. Take two-three pinches of crushed black pepper followed by a pinch of salt and sprinkle evenly in the pan. Turn on the heat to medium. Put the fish at the centre of the pan. Let the surface of the fish be seared for few seconds and then flip the fish gently using tongs (be careful here as fish is prone to break easily). After a few seconds, add a tablespoon of white wine vinegar in the pan and over the fish. An immediate and sudden smoke with sound will be observed. Flip the fish again. The smoke and the sound will reduce slowly leaving a smoky and citrus smell. Now add three tablespoons of apple syrup in the pan. Flip the fish to absorb the syrup. Squeeze a piece of lime over the pan and the fish. Flip the fish one last time to mix the lime juice evenly. Now, take the fish out of the pan and put on a plate. Garnish with the apple wedge and coriander leaves. Add a tablespoon more of the apple syrup around the fish on the plate and serve with the fried potato wedges (or alternatively mashed potato).


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