Are you not just a simple reader? Do you also feel tempted to share your innovative recipes or exciting food stories with all foodies? You are welcome to collaborate with WoK ToSsEd PaSsIoN to celebrate your recipes or stories here. No, dirty money will not interfere in this deal; it is absolutely free! All you need to do is to fulfill the below criteria and send your recipes or stories to We will review it and publish it straightway if approved. For rejections, you will get a response with the reason for the same.


  • Recipes should have a small introduction that would set the context and relevance; it should not be just an abrupt recipe. Please read the recently published recipes at WoK ToSsEd PaSsIoN.
  • Recipes should be innovative. It can be either completely unique recipe or any well known recipe but with some sort of improvisation that makes it your recipe. There are many places where we find same recipes re-written with re-framed sentences. Let’s toss it in the wok differently!
  • Recipes should have original photographs (minimum 1, maximum 3) with it. Photographs should be sharp, bright and clear and should appear tempting to all foodies and even non-foodies out there! Proper garnish expected. Photographs should not contain any watermark.
  • Stories should be real and unique; preferably based on any of your true food-experience. It should not be any typical restaurant review and it should not endorse any specific restaurant or brand.
  • Stories should have original photographs (minimum 1, maximum 3) with it. Photographs should be sharp, bright and clear. Photographs should not contain any watermark.
  • Your email should have your clear photograph attached. It should also have your full name that you want to be mentioned in the post at WoK ToSsEd PaSsIoN once approved and published.