It’s a curse! Yes, it is! Can you think of a world where you don’t get hungry? Have you ever thought what a great relief it could be? It could have changed the definition of living, the definition of dying and the definition of poverty. As on today, almost half of the world’s population are living below poverty line and they are all terribly hungry to such an extent that neither you nor I can even imagine. According to Hunger and World Poverty, approximately 21,000 of the world’s population die every day from hunger or malnutrition. Are you that much hungry? Definitely not. I don’t know exactly at what threshold hunger transforms from curse to opportunity! But yes, when hunger appears to be an opportunity to taste something new, something different, may be at that very moment we, the human are different than other living creatures on earth. Reason is – We cook, we cook it all! But others don’t! The same natural element we consume in multiple different ways and we do that to satisfy our taste buds. May be it’s too physiological. Let’s not deep dive there. Here, we only talk about cooking, of course passionately enough to tempt you to pick up the wok and toss it with red hot passion!

Wish some day hunger turns to be an opportunity to all human on earth, an opportunity to think something beyond the basic survival needs.