Chicken Liver Stir-fried with Broccoli

Usually, chicken liver is not very well accepted as a tasty food in most parts of India. However, when it comes to Chinese, it is not that unusual. I personally do like chicken liver but only when sti... Read More

Chicken Stir-fried with Black Tea

Yes! You have read it right! I don’t remember when and how this idea popped up in my mind but it went far beyond all my expectations. This is one of my desperate culinary experiments that turned... Read More

Hot Garlic Chicken – A Different Take

Hot garlic sauce is probably one of the most common and discussed flavour in Chinese cuisine. But as usual, there are many versions of this dish depending on geographical influences. Even I am not sur... Read More

Four Fire Prawn

One of the reasons that makes me love prawn is the wide range of experiments that can be done with prawn. It is indeed a protein that go well with spicy, non-spicy, stir-fried, steamed… most of ... Read More